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Mobile CommerceThe global consumer products company has announced that the smartphone optimized site is up.

Spectrum Brands has announced that its Remington UK personal care website has now been optimized for mcommerce to allow consumers with smartphones and tablets to be able to access it more easily based on their device capabilities.

This site was created and designed by Incentivated, a leading mobile marketing agency.

The new mcommerce website is a transcoded of the existing desktop website for Remington, which gives the visitor access to the complete line of the brand’s products, including everything from electric shavers to hair dryers. The transcoded site innovation is brought about from the UI and UX by way of menu structures in template designs.

This mcommerce optimization technique allows the various website design elements to be echoed.

In this way, Incentivated was able to produce a dynamic, image-based menu in split screen format that accepts swipe gestures for interactivity that is simple and intuitive for browsing the site and searching for specific products and pages.

By using the split screen, the company feels that it allows the featured Remington products to take the center stage, and for those products to receive dynamic mobile commerce updates as the promotions and offers change and as new products become available.

The benefit to transcoding the desktop website is that any changes that are made to the original will be automatically carried over to the mcommerce website without having to make any further edits.

Moreover leading mcommerce security technology has been used to protect consumers as they make purchases through the mobile checkout process.

According to the Spectrum Brands European digital manager, Katie McLean, “We are pleased to be able to bring our products to our customers through their mobile devices. Presenting a cookie-cutter site to our customers was never an option for Remington. They, and we, are more sophisticated than that and we are delighted to be able to provide them with a fully transactional site that maintains our brand integrity.”

Incentivated managing director, Jonathan Bass explained that mcommerce is fundamentally different from browsers used on laptop and desktop computers and that special care is needed to make sure that a site functions on a smartphone or tablet.

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