Mobile commerce is loved by the Australian consumer

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The Christmas season has been defining for the use of smartphones and tablets by shoppers. According to the most recent statistics released by PayPal Australia, residents of the country have been using their smartphones and tablets for mobile commerce purposes in record breaking amounts throughout the holiday season. This December has become the holiday season with the most digitally connected Australians ever. The figures that have been released have indicated that 22 percent of people in Australia have Made at least one mobile commerce holiday season purchase. The estimates are…

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Mcommerce apps used most on Black Friday

holiday mobile commerce shopping

Mobile applications played a major role in kicking off the holiday shopping season. This year, more than ever before, shoppers used mcommerce as an important part of their Black Friday shopping, and this included many activities, from price comparisons to hunting for sales, checking inventories, and even making the purchases themselves. These activities were performed both over apps and mobile optimized websites. Although there was a great deal of activity overall, some mcommerce apps saw more action than others. For example, Groupon held the leading position as the most used…

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Mobile commerce statistics from IBM show strong Thanksgiving Day sales

IBM Mobile commerce app

Research showed that smartphone and tablet shoppers were buying early this year. The IBM Benchmark service data has now been released regarding the mobile commerce activity that was seen this year, and the numbers look very good, especially when compared to 2011. The prediction from ComScore was that e-commerce sales would increase 14 percent over last year. This was their forecasted increase over the entire holiday season, which would bring the total sales to $42 billion. The IBM statistics cover the 500 largest online retailers in the United States. This…

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Mcommerce survey shows use of channel will boost holiday sales

Holiday m-commerce shopping present

The research has shown that shopping can be boosted on a number of different levels. A recent survey performed by MarketLive regarding mcommerce has shown that in the upcoming busiest shopping season of the year, this channel can play an exceptionally important role in increasing sales, on a broad spectrum of different levels. The multi-channel shopper survey indicated that 16 percent of people plan to shop exclusively over mobile. This means that all of their gift buying purchasing will occur on the mcommerce apps and websites of their favorite stores,…

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Mcommerce website launched by Remington

Mobile Commerce

The global consumer products company has announced that the smartphone optimized site is up. Spectrum Brands has announced that its Remington UK personal care website has now been optimized for mcommerce to allow consumers with smartphones and tablets to be able to access it more easily based on their device capabilities. This site was created and designed by Incentivated, a leading mobile marketing agency. The new mcommerce website is a transcoded of the existing desktop website for Remington, which gives the visitor access to the complete line of the brand’s…

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