Mcommerce optimization is lacking among many UK merchants

U.K. Mobile Payments

Failing to take this step could be causing a number of retailers in the United Kingdom to struggle unnecessarily. A recent study has been conducted and has determined that only about half of the largest one hundred British retailers have opted to created an optimized mcommerce website that would allow their customers to use their smartphones or tablets to shop safely over their devices online. This would mean that the retailers in the United Kingdom are falling behind those in the United States. The study was conducted by a company…

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Mcommerce website launched by Remington

Mobile Commerce

The global consumer products company has announced that the smartphone optimized site is up. Spectrum Brands has announced that its Remington UK personal care website has now been optimized for mcommerce to allow consumers with smartphones and tablets to be able to access it more easily based on their device capabilities. This site was created and designed by Incentivated, a leading mobile marketing agency. The new mcommerce website is a transcoded of the existing desktop website for Remington, which gives the visitor access to the complete line of the brand’s…

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Mobile commerce is clearly on its way up

Mobile Commerce News

A recent Digital Marketer post provided an analysis of the latest stats. Marketing industry online leader, Digital Marketer, has just published a post from Josh Loposer, its managing editor, which looked more deeply into the latest knowledge regarding the upward trend of mobile commerce. The heart of the publication was that businesses that optimize for smartphones are given an advantage. Loposer explained this claim by showing that as such a large number of browsers are operating from smartphones nowadays, businesses that make sure that their websites are mobile commerce friendly…

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Mobile websites are beginning to look identical to consumers

mcommerce websites

Many wonder why mobile sites that have been optimized for smartphones all look the same. Websites that have been optimized for mobile commerce or sometimes referred to as the mobile web, are beginning to suffer from a cookie cutter effect and consumers are starting to notice and wonder why. The key to the problem is that the entire channel has only been in existence for a very short time. Mcommerce as a whole has only come into its own over the last two years. This has not given marketers a great…

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