Fashionable QR code jacket uniquely designed to the personality of the wearer

QR Code Jacket - Scan QR Code

QR codes aren’t always a basic pathway to a website or a mobile payment transaction.

You’ve likely seen your fair share of QR codes on product labels, business cards, or for making payments, etc., but have you ever seen a personalized QR code jacket? Julie Helles Erikson has done just that, creating a fashionable garment designed to merge the wearers’ physical and digital lives, reports designboom.

The garment revels the different personalities of the wearer.

The QR code jacket is composed entirely of woven quick response codes. The purpose of all the codes is to unveil the different personalities of the wearer to anyone who might scan the codes with their camera phone.

These personalities, such as those that are shown at work, to friends, to family, or are hidden dreams, etc., make up all the different versions of an individual. The wearable QR codes link to these personalities and may take the person who scans them to the wearer’s social media accounts or other online identities.

As the wearer moves, the more the QR code jacket can reveal about them.

“Our physical lives and digital lives feel separate,” said Julie Helles Erikson on her official website in regard to her QR code garment project called “Who are you?”

“This garment merges the physical personality with digital personalities to create a more complete representation of the wearer. Bringing together all our different identities on the body to reveal a more real truth of the person,” she explained.

According to Erikson, who is a multidisciplinary designer from Denmark, the garment uses the camera phone as a way to unlock the diverse personalities of the person who wears the garment. Each of the woven codes can be scanned and, as previously mentioned, link to the person’s social media and other online identities.

The garment has been uniquely designed so that as the wearer moves, the garment unfolds to reveal new QR codes. QR Code Jacket - Scan QR CodeThis allows whoever might want to scan the codes access to different information, adding greater complexity to the wearer.

What’s more, the inside of the QR code jacket is a mixture of public and private pictures. These are “interwoven to create a more abstract picture of the interwoven personalities typical of the 21st century,” Erikson explains.

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