5 Places to Market Your Dental Practice that Will Yield Results

Market Your Dental Practice

Marketing is an important aspect of any business, including a dental practice. Such a business grows if you’re able to attend to about twenty to fifty new clients every month. A dentist should offer competitive prices and good quality services to attract new patients.

Competitive pricing and quality of service is backed by a good marketing plan. The first step to figure out how to market your dental practice is doing a SWOT analysis. It is a structured way of determining your strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities you have and possible threats.

Secondly, determine your market target and know how to reach your customers. Marketing your dental practice can increase your client base and thus profits. Here are the places to market your dental practice:

Top 5 Platforms for Marketing Your Dental Clinic

  1. Website

Although most of your patients come from referrals, especially if you offer quality services, a number of people are likely to look you up online. Clear your website’s cache as a good way of establishing your presence online. Add the name of your town after the words ‘dentist in’. Make sure your clients leave you positive reviews with high star ratings.

Come up with instructions to help your clients leave for you reviews. Regularly check your website. If you don’t have a website, establish one. Post relevant information on the website to assist clients looking for your services. Your website should be easy to navigate while updating existing information.

Finally, make sure the information on your website is user-friendly because many people fear dentists. Therefore, you’ll be able to get more clients.

  1. Surrounding Community

Your neighborhood is a primary target audience for your dental practice. Send neighborhood dental newsletters to consumers around you. They can increase the local community’s engagement to your practice.

Take part in neighborhood events such as volunteer activities. Attending such events can give you an opportunity to network with potential dental clients directly.

  1. Fun Events

Host fun themed events at your place of work. Dental practice needs you to be friendly, allowing customers to know you’re not only about business, but can also provide a fun experience. You can organize an information seminar, making sure you provide free drinks and snacks to those attending.

During the seminar, spread out information about your dental practice that you need potential clients to know. The fun events can reward you with customer loyalty and referrals, growing your business.

  1. FacebookMarket Your Dental Practice

With a dental practice, you probably don’t want to get clients out of a 50 mile radius because you need people who can actually seek your services. Local awareness ads can help you reach people residing near you.

Make use of the new map card to share relevant information about your business. Post your address, get directions links, hours of operations and distance to the business.

  1. Mobile Dentist App

A mobile app can make you look professional and trustworthy. A dentist app can enable your clients to book for appointment. Moreover, you can send you customers push notifications to avoid missed check ups. Include all the relevant information in your app to attract new clients.

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