D&D Technologies adopts QR codes to reach out to customers

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Scan QR CodeD&D Technologies, makers of high-performance gate hardware, have adopted QR codes in an effort to engage new consumers. With more people relying on their smart phones and other mobile devices to conduct their daily routines, the company has had to take a new approach to marketing. The codes will appear on all future marketing materials. Jim Peterson, senior vice presidents of sales and marketing for the company, believes that the codes will go a long way in engaging mobile consumers.

The codes will be used for a variety of purposes. Some can be scanned to learn more about D&D Technologies and the services they offer, while others will provide discounts for the company’s products. The codes will also be used to promote the company’s presence on YouTube and other social networking sites.

With the advent of mobile technology, businesses have had to adapt to a changing marketing landscape. Smart phones are now a common within society and, thanks to the multitude of features accompanying these devices, consumers are left with little time to engage in conventional marketing campaigns. Adding a QR code to a print campaign can, sometimes, make the difference in grabbing the flighty attention of mobile consumers. Overall, the relatively simple technology can add more value to some marketing campaigns.

D&D Technologies will continue using the codes for the foreseeable future and may expand their use of the codes if their current campaign proves fruitful.

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