The difference mobile barcodes can make in contaminated food scare prevention

QR Codes

QR code marketing campaigns of all kinds are popping up to help various causes to spread the awareness and encourage consumers with mobile devices to make much needed donations, but there is another use being considered for helping the public in one of the ways that it needs it most: protection against potential food contaminations. One of the uses currently being considered for QR codes is allowing to food industry to better inform customers about foods that are potentially contaminated, to help to prevent scares. These codes have the potential…

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Salvation Army launches QR code campaign to raise awareness of current issues

Salvation Army Headquarters London

QR codes are most often associated with marketing campaigns coming from major corporations. While the codes have certainly found favor with big businesses, they can be used for much more than advertising. Non-profit organizations are beginning to see the value of the codes and how they can be used to raise awareness of important issues. The Salvation Army has adopted QR codes for this exact reason, and has launched a new charity campaign aimed at tech-savvy philanthropists. The Salvation Army’s campaign seeks to raise awareness of important social issues by…

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World’s first QR protection application coming from Symantec

QR code Scanner App

There can be no doubt that QR codes are becoming vastly popular. Both businesses and individuals are finding uses for the codes that range from expansive marketing campaigns to personal branding. The codes are not only grabbing the attention of tech-savvy companies and consumers, however, they are also attracting the notice of people looking to exploit their rampant popularity. The number of malicious QR codes is growing and most mobile consumers are entirely exposed to the risk such codes present. Symantec, a renowned security firm, has created the world’s first…

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Report shows the growing popularity of QR codes around the world

QR Code Growth - Image from 3GVision

3GVision, a leading mobile technology company specializing in barcodes, has released their latest report concerning the global growth of QR codes. The company has been releasing these reports at regular intervals for the past two years as a way to help those invested in mobile marketing gauge the progress of QR codes. The report shows that consumers throughout the world are beginning to make use of QR codes. Should these trends continue, the codes are likely to become one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. According to…

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PayPal is gearing up to expand into the real world with the help of QR codes

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

PayPal, the electronic commerce tycoon, is attempting to move into the offline market by developing new payment technologies that will enable smart phone users to use their mobile device to make purchases. Details about this new model are scarce, as the company attempts to retain some level of secrecy, but what little is known about PayPal’s new scheme is that it involves QR codes. The codes are to be used to add a new dimension to the shopping experience and help facilitate the transition to an economy entirely based on…

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