The difference mobile barcodes can make in contaminated food scare prevention

QR Codes

QR Codes

QR code marketing campaigns of all kinds are popping up to help various causes to spread the awareness and encourage consumers with mobile devices to make much needed donations, but there is another use being considered for helping the public in one of the ways that it needs it most: protection against potential food contaminations.

One of the uses currently being considered for QR codes is allowing to food industry to better inform customers about foods that are potentially contaminated, to help to prevent scares.

These codes have the potential to automatically connect a smartphone user to information about products being sold on their store shelves, giving them data that can travel back as far as the farm where the food was originally grown. All it would take is a scan with a mobile device that has a QR code scanner installed into it.


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This would eliminate days or weeks worth of waiting time to determine whether or not a specific food is actually safe. In fact, it could even help to stop the contaminated foods from making their way onto those shelves to begin with.

As QR codes provide a simple and easy way for scanning and tracking, the entire food industry could be greatly streamlined through their use, and – more importantly – the unnecessary illness and death of consumers around the world can be effectively prevented.

According to a report by CNN, if the FDA had already had a comprehensive mobile barcode system established ahead of the recent scare involving contaminated orange juice, it could have been possible to prevent the whole thing in the first place.

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