PayPal is gearing up to expand into the real world with the help of QR codes

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

Paypal Mobile Payments
PayPal, the electronic commerce tycoon, is attempting to move into the offline market by developing new payment technologies that will enable smart phone users to use their mobile device to make purchases. Details about this new model are scarce, as the company attempts to retain some level of secrecy, but what little is known about PayPal’s new scheme is that it involves QR codes. The codes are to be used to add a new dimension to the shopping experience and help facilitate the transition to an economy entirely based on electronic commerce.

QR codes often gain notice for their uses in marketing campaigns. The black and white, blocky patterns tend to stand out wherever they happen to be placed, catching the attention of consumers. The codes have also been used as an information distribution tool, which has enabled companies to spread news at a quick pace. One of the more common uses of the codes is to provide consumers with discounts, which can be obtained by scanning the QR code with a smart phone. Thus far, PayPal has shown favor for this latter purpose of the codes.

There is speculation that PayPal’s codes may be linked to the overarching marketing campaign of their owner: eBay. The acclaimed online marketplace has been ramping up hype concerning its use of QR codes, which allow consumers to make purchases online for items they see at stores. eBay is expected to launch their campaign at the X. commerce Innovative Conference in San Francisco, California, on October 12.

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