Datatech SmartSoft unveils its new QR code service for tracking mailers

QR Code service

QR Code service

The new MailSpotter Mail Tracking product gives the postal system a digital edge.

Address verification and mailing software providing industry leader, Datatech SmartSoft, has just announced the availability of its new MailSpotter QR code service, which is designed to help marketers to track the progress of their mailers throughout the postal system.

Through a combination of IM and quick response barcodes, the USPS raw scan data can be used for tracking.

This way, as a mailer moves throughout the various postal facilities in the country, the software provides marketers with a usable form of the data in the shape of graphs, charts, and tables that are easy to read and understand, so that they can know precisely when a mailer has been delivered to the recipient, where it has reached its destination, and who has received it.

Moreover, the MailSpotter product also provides marketers with a powerful QR code service that not only generates each unique barcode, but also allows them to be tracked so that the response of each recipient can be monitored. Each time a quick response code is scanned, it can provide the marketer with real-time email or text alerts with the details of the person who scanned it, when it happened, and where it occurred.


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There are many ways in which companies, brands, and marketers can benefit from this insight, such as:

• Understanding when to expect a response from consumers so that proper preparations can be made
• Spot delivery patterns in the mail service early on so that there is enough reaction time to overcome it
• Mailer specific information about the customers who perform the scans for more effective and detailed analysis
• Ability to test various options for delivery and perform an analysis on the response rates based on the delivery day
• Boosts value offered by printers, marketers, and mail houses selling mailer products.

The MailSpotter QR code service provides its customers with easy access to be able to view their various reports, which can be customized with the company name and logo of the provider. It is designed to eliminate the guesswork that is associated with the efficacy and success of this form of marketing.


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