Head-mounted augmented reality system unveiled by Canon

Augmented Reality system

Augmented Reality system

Canon takes their turn at virtual reality system

Canon, acclaimed maker of cameras and photography equipment, has begun delving into the world of augmented reality. The Japanese company has announced that it is developing a head-mounted augmented reality platform designed to provide users with more interactive options within their environment. Though Canon is mostly known for its cameras, the company has extensive history in the realm of consumer electronics. The project aims to create a new way for consumers to experience digital content.

Interactive technology becoming a popular subject for many companies

Augmented reality technology has become a major focus for the world of technology. Several big-name companies have begun developing their own projects that make use of the technology, of which head-mounted augmented reality systems seem to be the most popular. Head-mounted augmented reality systems come in a variety of fashions. Currently, the most common of these are glasses and helmets. Canon’s project is, essentially, an augmented reality helmet with visors that facilitate the viewing of digital content.


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System able to create 3D digital content on the real world

The system is able to project 3D images on the real world environment. These images obtain their orientation in the real world through the use of several visual markers that the system recognizes and uses for calibration purposes. Wearers of the head-mounted augmented reality system can move around the object, which will look different depending on their perspective. The helmet is equipped with a series of cameras that feed information to the system’s internal software, allowing the augmented reality content to take form.

Limited launch in Japan expected this month

Canon expects to see a limited launch of the system later this month in its homeland of Japan. Depending on the success of the head-mounted augmented reality device, it may see release in other parts of the world. Canon notes that the manufacturing industry would be a primary target for the system initially, with a potential expansion into the realm of entertainment.

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