NFC technology may see progress with new patent program from INSIDE Secure

NFC Technology mobile commerce

NFC Technology

New patent licensing program announced by INSIDE Secure and France Brevets

INSIDE Secure, a leading technology developer focused on mobile security, has announced that it has teamed with France Brevets, Europe’s first investment fund focused on patent promotion and monetization of new mobile systems. Together, the two will develop and deploy a new patent licensing program tailored for NFC technology and its uses in mobile commerce. The initiative is aimed to make the patents held by INSIDE Secure available to the manufacturers of mobile devices in order to allow them to better incorporate NFC technology into future products.

Manufacturers to gain access to valuable patented technology and procedures

By giving manufacturers access to patented technologies and production methods, the advancement of NFC technology is expected to grow somewhat. Currently, the patents held by INSIDE Secure cover a range of applications for NFC technology, from mobile commerce to ticketing and everything in between. France Brevets will manage the patent program developed by INSIDE Secure and will be responsible for enabling manufacturers to access the information they need through the program.


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NFC continues to be a popular tool in various industries

NFC technology has become a staple of mobile commerce. The technology has been a driving force behind the adoption and progress seen in the mobile commerce industry and has attracted the attention of many companies all over the world. NFC can be used in other sectors, however, such as marketing. In the mobile marketing industry, NFC has been used to engage with a new generation of consumers that have proven themselves to be enthralled with mobile technology of all kinds.

France Brevets commences issuance of patent licenses

The initiative is expected to produce advancements in the field of NFC technology and enable more companies to approach the various uses of NFC in a new way. France Brevets has already begun issuing licenses through the program to companies that have shown interest. License issuance is expected to pick up as more companies become aware of the program.

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