Different and creative forms of QR code marketing to spread the word

QR Code advantages Cow

QR Code Cow

Campaigns to bring awareness about a cause, brand, or product are expanding with this technology.

As QR code marketing becomes more popular and companies and individuals learn how inexpensive and effective it is to use, they are coming up with some imaginative ways to attract attention to their campaigns.

Though these codes have been called difficult to use and awkward in the past, many recent surveys are showing that this doesn’t seem to be a problem among the tech-savvy Millennial generation, which is much more comfortable with the ins and outs of activities of this nature. It is, therefore, these individuals who are most likely to be able to receive the messages behind the squares.

The following are three examples of how these barcodes are making a splash.

In the U.K., some Somerby dairy farmers have spray painted the side of a cow (named Lady Shamrock), using cow-safe spray chalk paint, to use QR code marketing to raise awareness about their farming. When scanned, smartphones resolve to the This is Dairy Farming website. Lady Shamrock spends her days grazing in her pasture, which is located next to a popular tour route, meaning that many smartphone toting visitors may see her and scan the barcode she wears.


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A similar effort has also been reported in the Lorient region of France.

On the other hand, a company called U-turn is taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi system in the Glasgow Subway system in Scotland by adding bar coded posters outside the system to boost awareness regarding an effort by transport officials and the Royal Photographic Society to overturn a photo ban on the trains and platforms. In this case, the QR code marketing is meant to draw attention that it is currently illegal within the transport system because of the photography ban. Scanning the codes requires their image to be snapped, which is not allowed.

The results of that campaign may not be seen until the end of the summer at the earliest.

Big W, on the other hand, is using QR code marketing to help with their second annual promotion that released items online a week ahead of their availability in stores.


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