Bing mobile advertising steps up its game with targeted ads

bing mobile advertising

The search engine is clearly working to offer rival marketing products to Google, the undisputed leader.

Bing mobile advertising has amped up its offerings with the pilot launch of its new targeted ad platform. This move lays the foundation to establish the Microsoft developed search engine as a rival for Google AdWords.

Bing Ads is designed to give marketers greater control over their audience and spend.

The new Bing Ads has broadened device targeting capabilities so marketers can add precision to their bids, aiming at consumers using certain specific types of device. Marketers can specifically target smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Not only does this added control provide specific Bing Ads targeting, but it also gives marketers the chance to adjust their bid ranges. In this way, advertisers are not only able to narrow down their audience, but they can also more accurately measure ROI. As they observe their analytics, they can change their advertising preferences based on those stats in order to improve their returns. This can removing devices that aren’t performing satisfactorily.

The Bing mobile advertising provides considerable device specific customization options.

bing mobile advertisingShould a marketer discover that ads on a specific device are not performing with the desired results, opting out is straightforward. Users must simply set the target range to -100 percent. This option is new to the latest version. Additional customizations are possible in the mobile advertising platform’s advanced campaign settings by making ads specific to locations, and with scheduling.

The Bing Ads also allows businesses to target customers currently within a certain geographical distance of a brick and mortar shop. This is based on the location of a customer’s mobile device. Current data suggests that local represents 82 percent of smartphone based searches. This makes it evident that there is significant potential to focusing on location.

The new Bing mobile advertising options are likely to be highly appealing to businesses seeking to run campaigns exclusively for smartphone and or tablet owners. The bid adjustments set value parameters that match AdWords, making it possible for marketers to leverage imports from Google and keep up the equivalent adjustments.

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