Bing mobile advertising steps up its game with targeted ads

bing mobile advertising

The search engine is clearly working to offer rival marketing products to Google, the undisputed leader. Bing mobile advertising has amped up its offerings with the pilot launch of its new targeted ad platform. This move lays the foundation to establish the Microsoft developed search engine as a rival for Google AdWords. Bing Ads is designed to give marketers greater control over their audience and spend. The new Bing Ads has broadened device targeting capabilities so marketers can add precision to their bids, aiming at consumers using certain specific types…

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Mobile marketing at eBay has changed platforms

ebay mobile marketing

Google AdWords have been replaced by those from the Bing Ad platform for smartphone and tablet users. The massive online marketplace, eBay Inc. has made a massive move in its mobile marketing strategy by replacing the Google AdWords that it had previously been using, in favor of Bing Ads from Microsoft. Considering the size of eBay, this is a considerable loss for Google, and a tremendous gain for Microsoft. As is the case with many large online retail sits – both on the standard web and in mobile commerce channels…

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Mobile payments and Google Wallet’s future explained at Money 2020

Mobile Payments - Peter Hazlehurst wearing Google Glass at Money 2020

Ariel Bardin and Peter Hazlehurst presented and described the massive and far reaching value of the mobile space. The Google Wallet presentation at Money 2020 in Las Vegas had attendees on the edge of their seats as Ariel Bardin, the vice president of Google payments, placed a tremendous spotlight on the future of the mobile payments service and on the importance of being in the mobile space. He used the example of the Google AdWords platform and the data delivered to companies. Bardin explained the idea that the AdWords platform…

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Advertising via Social Media Channels – Does it Work?

social media marketing

Social networking sites not just provide users the opportunity for users to be constantly connected with their friends and families. Today, social networking sites have become tools of business owners that help them become more profitable. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter made advertising affordable even to small business owners, so to speak. Setting up social media accounts can also be of great help in the existing communication channels of the company. Aside from the traditional phones lines that you can acquire from providers like RingCentral, business owners…

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M-commerce website from Sports Authority drops the ball

m-commerce graph fall

The site performance for smartphones and tablets has fallen short through slow loading times. Keynote Systems has just released their latest m-commerce report, which has described the performance of the Sports Authority optimized website as being “unacceptable”. Much of this rating was based on the poor load time of the site’s home page, which has notably increased. According to the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, the average load time of the Sports Authority Inc’s m-commerce home page grew by a considerable 3.62 seconds during the week that ended on January…

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