Bing mobile advertising steps up its game with targeted ads

bing mobile advertising

The search engine is clearly working to offer rival marketing products to Google, the undisputed leader. Bing mobile advertising has amped up its offerings with the pilot launch of its new targeted ad platform. This move lays the foundation to establish the Microsoft developed search engine as a rival for Google AdWords. Bing Ads is designed to give marketers greater control over their audience and spend. The new Bing Ads has broadened device targeting capabilities so marketers can add precision to their bids, aiming at consumers using certain specific types…

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QR code scanner added to Bing Search app

bing qr code scanner mobile optimized search microsoft

The quick response code reader and image search are some of the top new features of the application. The Bing Search app from Microsoft has just received a considerable update that has brought a number of new features to its offerings, which include a built-in QR code scanner as well as the opportunity to use image search. It’s important to note that the upgrade for this mobile application are currently available only in the U.S. While the go-to option for the majority of people when searching for something online –…

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