Augmented reality applications may give QR codes a run for their money

QR codes in mobile commerce

QR codes

AR attracts a great deal of attention at E3

Augmented reality applications were a big hit at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in California. The event showcased several new applications that made use of the technology and many of them enthralled the interests of consumers. The reaction to these augmented reality applications suggests that the technology is on the verge of becoming mainstream. It may also suggest that the technology could be a viable replacement for QR codes, especially in the entertainment sector.

Companies show off their various augmented reality projects during event

During E3, a number of big-name companies, such as Microsoft and Sony, showed off their latest augmented reality projects. These projects managed to gain acclaim among consumers who have long been clamoring for more interactivity in their chosen entertainment mediums. Aurasma, a leading developer of augmented reality applications and other software, also showed off its latest projects at the event, of which its Marvel-themed advertising content managed to garner the most praise. The company claims that interactive technology, such as augmented reality, is better suited for various applications that are becoming interesting to consumers.


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AR could have many implications for the marketing industry

QR codes have long held a dominating stance in the mobile marketing industry due to their ability to quickly distribute information and engage consumers. The codes are simple, but have proven themselves to be somewhat cumbersome for more tech-savvy consumers. Augmented reality is a more sophisticated and complex technology, but can be used with existing media, whereas new materials must be created to accommodate QR codes. For marketers, this could be a major boon as they would have the ability to make use of existing materials, such as paintings or even structures, to engage consumers on a new level.

QR codes and augmented reality expected to compete in the future

Augmented reality applications also hold promise for gaming. The technology allows nearly any environment to be transformed into a virtual playground where a large assortment of games can be initiated. QR codes have proven resilient to the versatility and appeals of other technologies in the past. Though the codes may not be as alluring as augmented reality applications, they are not likely to be crushed by the technology in the foreseeable future.

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