Alohar Mobile continually uses mobile tracking of device users



Their accurate location is always being carefully tracked no matter where they are.

Sam Liang, the man responsible for creating the Google Maps blue dot, has now created an even more accurate geolocation mobile tracking technology than the one that he first created in 2006.

Alohar Mobile now offers a much more precise form of this technology that consumes significantly less of the battery.

Its PlaceMe feature sets a pin down on a private map created specifically for that device, each time its user remains within a single location for a span of time longer than a handful of minutes. The technology is a form of “ambient” mobile tracking, which is one of the latest trends in emerging technology products.

In this case, it functions by using Wi-Fi hot spot triangulation and GPS along with additional algorithms and sensors.

This is combined with the use of a compass and an accelerometer, applied into a statistical model to state where the device user is most likely to be located.

Just as GPS devices used for navigation in vehicles will place the car’s location on a road by default, Alohar does a similar thing for smartphones, only at a much more complex degree. For example, if it detects that the user is moving at a walking pace, as opposed to a much faster speed, it assumes that a person is walking and therefore places the location onto a sidewalk or within a building, as opposed to being on the road, as would be the case if travelling at several miles per hour.


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This is combined with the detection of the type of lighting. If fluorescent light is detected by the phone’s camera, then the algorithm will attempt to locate the position inside a building.

If the user stops moving, it shuts off the GPS in order to save power, only starting it back up again when motion is detected once more. This way, it can provide the most accurate mobile tracking while using the least amount of power and reducing the risk of draining the battery.

Though many people feel that this mobile tracking feature is fascinating, others wonder about the security and privacy ramifications.


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