Foursquare social media marketing encourages user suggestions of locations

Naveen Selvadurai, Co-owner of Foursquare

Naveen Selvadurai, Co-owner of Foursquare

Latest mobile commerce strategy deviates from sharing and moves to recommendations.

When Foursquare was still a brand new startup in New York, two years ago, it experienced a tremendous amount of social media marketing buzz, as the hottest celebrities used it and online giants attempted to buy it out.

Since then, the Foursquare hype has started to slow, driving it to come up with some new and innovative angles.

The company has retained its status as an independent company, turning down the offers made to purchase it, and now it has only its own resources and ideas to show that it is capable of continuing on by itself and that it has been making the right decisions all along.

In this effort, it is expected that Foursquare will announce that a newly overhauled version of its app is on the way.

This new application has been applauded by the chief exec of the company, Dennis Crowley, who is also one of its founders, who says that it is the vision of Foursquare that is the most true so far. He also stated that it could make the company a sudden rival to sites such as Yelp, as it will include a new recommendation service.


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The primary challenge that will be faced with the release of this new app will be the limited attention span of the users of mobile apps. It is already well aware of how difficult it can be to sustain the momentum that is achieved by a suddenly popular start-up, and how challenging it can be to continue along a path that will hold onto success in the mass market within an industry that changes overnight.

At the very center of this social media marketing company is the ability of its app users to share their locations with their friend who also use the application. This can be done just for the sake of telling friends where they are, or to help to encourage gatherings of groups. The app also has game features for its users, such as receiving points for having checked in to a new restaurant.

Though the new version of the app won’t change the very core of the service, its perspective will shift slightly away from the basic sharing element to an “explore” button that will provide suggestions to users based on the recommendations that have been made by other users. Other features are also considered for this mobile commerce advice, such as the time of the day, past check-ins, and the popularity of a certain location.


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