The future of games and augmented reality may be a bit cloudy

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Augmented Reality Gaming
The gaming industry is consistently inundated with a great deal of innovative projects, some more successful than others. As new technologies become available, game developers try to push the envelope of conventional design. At times, this practice runs contrary to the wants of gamers, but companies are bent on mastering the latest technology that might win the favor of consumers. Hideo Kojima of Konami, an acclaimed game design company in Japan, believes that new technology may change the industry more than anyone thinks.

Konami has produced some of the world’s most beloved games and has won acclaim for doing so. Kojima, as vice president of the company, has been a driving force behind the company’s successes. While much of the gaming industry is based on consoles, such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Kojima believes that such static devices will be obsolete in the coming years thanks to augmented reality and cloud computing.

Kojima expressed his thoughts on the future of the industry at the University of Southern California this week where he spoke to students about the industry. Though he was unsure of exactly how augmented reality and cloud computing would change the gaming landscape, he noted that gamers are growing increasingly mobile and wanting of an “on-the-go” experience. For now, most gamer developers seem to be continuing to focus on consoles, but Kojima believes that will soon change as cloud computing becomes more viable.

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