Tesco launches a virtual grocery store – for real, this time

QR code Virtual Store

QR code Virtual Store
Tesco, the international grocery chain based in the UK, launched a concept grocery store in the Hanganjin subway station in Seoul, South Korea, recently. The store featured thousands of products, each labeled with their own QR code. By scanning the code, shoppers would have been able to add the item to a virtual shopping cart and then paid electronically. The store was only available for a scant few hours and was never actually operational as it was little more than a concept. Tesco, however, has not abandoned this concept, and has launched a new virtual store that is much more authentic than its predecessor.

Tesco’s store has been established in the Seonreung subway station in Seoul. The station will serve as home to the store throughout its trial period. The store is equipped with thousands of items, each with their own QR code. Shoppers must first install the Tesco Homeplus mobile application on their smart phones before making purchases. The store is fully operational and those making purchases can expect their grocieries to be delivered the following day.

Following the company’s initial launch of the first virtual store, consumers had been wary of all things QR. The aim of Tesco’s trial store is to gauge interest but has been greeted with lukewarm interest thus far. The trial period will last for three months, giving consumers time to warm to the concept.

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