Businesses in Australia prefer email regardless of appeal of Facebook, Twitter, and SMS

Australia Social Media Marketing

Australia Social Media Marketing
A top email and cross-channel marketing solutions company based in Australia, Responsys Inc., has announced the outcome of their second yearly Big Australian Report, which is the biggest study to examine the digital marketing behaviors of Australian corporations.

This year’s Big Australian Report indicated that there was a notable increase in the number of marketing messages being sent to Australians. For instance, companies in that country were sending ten times more social messages, three times more mobile messages, and one third as many emails within the previous fiscal year when compared to the fiscal year before it.

That said, regardless of the increasing use of social and mobile techniques, email has maintained its dominant position and had the largest quantity of messages by a sizeable amount. Among the marketers who participated in the survey, every one of them were using emails to communicate with their members and customers.

Other notable results of the research included the following:

• Among Australian businesses 77 percent are using social network marketing as a part of their marketing mix. Among the, 63 percent have significantly increased their focus on social marketing, especially with Twitter and Facebook.

• Most (62 percent) of Australian businesses are designing their messaging behaviors around their customer preferences for the first time.

• Almost a third (30 percent) of businesses are sending mobile messages to consumers in the form of primary alerts, such as confirmations or reminders. There was also an increase of 300 percent in the number of emails that were opened by users of mobile devices.

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