Forrester Research outlines mobile behaviors of Australians

Australia Mobile Commerce

Forrester has released the results of its most recent research which shined some light on the mobile behaviors of Australian consumers, and outlined the primary usage segments that will allow businesses to get the most out of their mobile marketing and m-commerce. The report containing the results was entitled “Mobile Telegraphics: Australian Online Shoppers” and it both identified the kind of mobile consumers in the country and made suggestions for companies who would use this information to improve their mobile campaigns. Among the mobile trends highlighted in the document are:…

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One thousand transactions occur on mobile devices every hour in Australia

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

PayPal has announced that mobile commerce in Australia is building a great deal of steam, as consumers in that country have already broken the 1,000 hourly transaction mark. Newly released PayPal figures have indicated that there has been a significant spike in Australian smartphone payment volumes. The 2,000 PayPal merchants who are now accepting the first wave of payments using mobile within the last half year are indicating that e-merchants in the country are also responding to this transformation. Previously in 2011, the “M-Commerce: Secure Insight” study released by PayPal…

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Businesses in Australia prefer email regardless of appeal of Facebook, Twitter, and SMS

Australia Social Media Marketing

A top email and cross-channel marketing solutions company based in Australia, Responsys Inc., has announced the outcome of their second yearly Big Australian Report, which is the biggest study to examine the digital marketing behaviors of Australian corporations. This year’s Big Australian Report indicated that there was a notable increase in the number of marketing messages being sent to Australians. For instance, companies in that country were sending ten times more social messages, three times more mobile messages, and one third as many emails within the previous fiscal year when…

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