E-Mart takes a new approach to mobile marketing using the sun and shadows

qr codes shadow used to bring in customers

QR codes could be a useful sales tool In the world of marketing, QR codes have become a useful tool. Many advertisers have begun to utilize the codes in an effort to reach out to mobile consumers. These endeavors have been somewhat successful, though consumers have shown only mild interest in scanning QR codes. Despite the apparent wariness amongst many consumers, some retailers believe that the codes could be used to drive sales. In South Korea, this notion seems to be correct. E-Mart creates shadow QR code E-Mart, South Korea’s…

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Tesco launches a virtual grocery store – for real, this time

QR code Virtual Store

Tesco, the international grocery chain based in the UK, launched a concept grocery store in the Hanganjin subway station in Seoul, South Korea, recently. The store featured thousands of products, each labeled with their own QR code. By scanning the code, shoppers would have been able to add the item to a virtual shopping cart and then paid electronically. The store was only available for a scant few hours and was never actually operational as it was little more than a concept. Tesco, however, has not abandoned this concept, and…

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QR codes used at South Korean beach to make payments

Haeundae Beach

South Korea’s most popular beach is getting a high-tech upgrade. QR codes are being introduced to Haeundae Beach, but the codes will not be used for advertising. Instead, they will be used as a prepayment system that will allow visitors to purchase access to a myriad of services. QR code use in the mobile commerce realm has been gaining popularity recently as more businesses and organizations seek to leverage the codes for convenience. Beach officials have said that the codes will help visitors enjoy their stay at the beach as…

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South Korea to add 300,00 new Pay-By-Phone checkouts at major retail counters

South Korea NFC Shopping

South Korea has announced its intentions to either newly install or upgrade the mobile payment units at 300,000 checkouts, enabling major transport services and retailers to accept customer payments by way of mobile devices such as cellular phones. This attempt is only the latest in several efforts made by the country to encourage this potentially profitable market, with the competitive introduction of Apple Inc. and Google Inc.’s services for payment by phone. The communication commission of the country stated that it would also be requiring all vendors of smartphones to…

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