MRT station uses QR codes to allow commuters in Singapore to purchase groceries

QR Code Wall

The commuters in Singapore who use the Boon Lay and Bugis MRT stations now have an added service available to them, which involves the ability to purchase their groceries with their smartphones by scanning QR codes. The transit stations feature walls with images of products next to the two dimensional bar codes. By scanning the codes, commuters are redirected to the mobile site for Cold Storage, where they can enter their details and have their grocery items delivered to their homes. SMRT Investments managing director, Dawn Loh, explained that many…

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Tesco launches a virtual grocery store – for real, this time

QR code Virtual Store

Tesco, the international grocery chain based in the UK, launched a concept grocery store in the Hanganjin subway station in Seoul, South Korea, recently. The store featured thousands of products, each labeled with their own QR code. By scanning the code, shoppers would have been able to add the item to a virtual shopping cart and then paid electronically. The store was only available for a scant few hours and was never actually operational as it was little more than a concept. Tesco, however, has not abandoned this concept, and…

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Tesco unveils virtual store powered by QR codes in South Korea

QR codes and Augmented Reality Campaign for Tesco

Retailers all over the world have been implanting QR codes into their businesses. The advertising has been quick to develop new and innovative uses for the blocky barcodes. While some retailers have been shifting their focus away from QR codes to the emergence of NFC technology, Tesco, a global grocery and general merchandize retailer based in the UK, has been putting the codes to good use. Tesco has introduced a new way to shop in South Korea entirely driven by QR codes. The Asian market has been very accommodating to…

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