Mobile technology played an important role in holiday shopping

mobile technology wallet Holiday Shopping

Consumers turned to their smartphones more than ever, this year, to quickly find what they needed.

While a growing number of consumers are still getting attached to the trend toward shopping online, mobile technology has been carving a growing portion of that market for itself as people used their devices to find the products and services they wanted this year.

A new report has shown that consumers enjoyed using their smartphones to buy holiday presents.

It doesn’t come as any shock to learn that consumers are relying on their mobile technology devices to an increasing degree for regular daily tasks. However, what is impressive is the rate at which the numbers are growing in terms of how many are not only shopping over those gadgets, but also who are enjoying the process. A recent study conducted by a San Francisco based firm called Sequence has even pointed out that consumers who used their mobile devices to shop over the holidays were often able to get more rest.

The mobile technology usage study was conducted over the holiday season with 1,000 participants.

mobile technology wallet Holiday ShoppingThe survey from Sequence showed that the usual traditions for holiday shopping have been kept up and remain highly important throughout all age groups. Still, there are certain pastimes based on technology that are starting to define themselves. Among them is a mobile commerce adoption that is being embraced by a small group of consumers who are finding that this type of shopping comes with some considerable benefits.

For the most part, this group of people who use m-commerce are able to find more time for their friends and family as they are doing their holiday shopping at times when they would otherwise be idle.

Among the survey participants, one in every three said that if mobile technology could help them to save an additional three hours of their time over the holidays, they would be better able to sleep instead of filling that extra time with baking, meeting friends for drinks, or taking part in other holiday activities. This suggests that while those people have already found the time to fit in those traditional activities but that the tasks that can be completed over smartphones are the ones cutting into their opportunity to rest.

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