Wearable tech and battery packs may steal the CES 2016 spotlight

robot technology example image battery packs

As the largest technology show is about to kick off, the predictions for the largest hits are rampant.

Among the favorites expected to make a splash at the CES in Las Vegas include technologies such as wearables, battery packs, virtual and augmented reality and – of course – a slew of announcements from companies old and new.

The CES begins with indie startups and works its way toward larger and more established corporations.

The event kicks off today and builds throughout the week. It is predicted that during this time, wearable technology will continually draw the spotlight, but that supporting tech such as battery packs will also be making some noise. The reason is that while the latest developments in gadgets continue to make their way in front of consumers, current power sources are struggling to keep up, which has been increasing the need for the most powerful portable charger possible to try to keep the devices running for as long as consumers need them.

It is for this reason that battery packs and other types of portable charger will be seen among the rest of the top tech.

robot technology example image battery packsOther predictions about the types of exciting announcements that will be made at CES 2016 include:

• New types of Fitbit trackers, as the company’s CEO, James Park, has been hinting that this year will have big things on the way for the devices, such as fashion partnerships, more advanced sensors and even coaching.
• New wearables from Misfit, which was recently acquired by Fossil. The company’s CEO and chief technology officer, Sonny Vu has indicated that there is a great deal coming from this brand in 2016 and it may even include more devices with Swarovski elements.
• Experimental concept demos from Samsung. Some of the outside-the-box concepts from the company’s C-Lab could be on their way to center stage at CES, including possible ideas such as a smart belt for health tracking, a Gear VR motion controller, or a strap for a smartwatch that allows a user to hear device audio by pressing a finger to his or her ear.
• A great deal more…including wearables with a focus on women, advanced and powerful battery packs to power a range of this mobile technology and other cutting edge tech that could one day change the daily life of the average person.

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