“OK Google” – Google Maps to be updated with Google Assistant

Google Assistant - OK Google - Smartphone

Google Maps will allow users to control navigation with their voice. Thanks to Google Assistant, Google Maps will become an even more hands-free tool, enabling both Android and iOS smartphone users who use the app to control navigation with their voice, further simplifying the process. The integration allows users more than just the ability to use voice-control navigation. Once the update has been rolled out to Google Maps users across the globe, they will be able to enjoy the convenience and freedom of simply using their voice to ask the…

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L’Oreal wearable skin sensor can measure pH levels in real-time

L'Oreal wearable technology - My Skin Patch PH - L'Oreal USA YouTube

The company unveiled its new wearable technology at CES 2019. The L’Oreal wearable skin sensor, called My Skin Track pH, is said to be the first wearable and companion app to easily measure personal pH levels. The French beauty giant unveiled its new tech by La Roche-Posay at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The sensor can measure personal pH levels in 15 minutes. Using trace amounts of sweat, the L’Oreal wearable skin sensor can measure personal pH levels in as little as 15 minutes. The user’s pH levels…

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Who won top wearable technology awards at CES 2017?

wearable technology awards

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have a lot to live up to in this rapidly expanding category. CES 2017 is far from disappointing if you’re looking for the latest in tech, and the wearable technology awards have shown that this category is stronger than ever. Aside from the smart appliances and swarms of drones a plethora of new wearables have swamped the show. While there are tons of great gadgets to be seen, it’s the recipients of the wearable technology awards that had attracted the most attention. Even without the additional…

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CES 2017: Top tech unveiled that you’ll actually be able to buy

lego ces 2017

The best gadgets and devices from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The massive CES 2017 tech event in Las Vegas is underway and the product unveilings are everywhere you look. There are more things to see than any individual would be able to take in, even over the event’s several days. That said, even from the very start there are gadgets and technologies that stand out from the rest. Consumers are particularly drawn to the ones that will actually be hitting store shelves this year. After all,…

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Augmented reality glasses shown at CES 2016 prove hugely immersive

technology green augmented reality lens

The Lumus DK-50 demo at the Consumer Electronics Show had a wider field of view than rivals. Virtual and augmented reality played a tremendous role at CES 2016 and among them, there was a product called the Lumus DK-50 that proved to have an experience that was even more immersive than the much better known HoloLens from Microsoft. The HoloLens has been making headlines by being tested by astronauts at the International Space Station. However, despite the fact that Microsoft’s augmented reality glasses have been grabbing more media attention, the…

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CES 2016: Virtual gaming practically stole the show

Virtuix Omni virtual gaming

From wearables to full immersive technology suits and even human drones, play time was a massive focus. Though virtual gaming has, until now, essentially been a type of technology that is featured in sci-fi movies, particularly when it comes to travel into the future, however, according to the CES 2016, it’s not only a tech that is already being developed but it is one that isn’t far from the reach of the everyday consumer. The gaming experience is becoming far more immersive with virtual and augmented reality, among other tech.…

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CES 2016: Okto wearable technology shrinks a smartwatch into a ring

OKTO smart ring wearable technology CES 2016

Despite the massive crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show, these tiny wearables stood out. In the world of wearable technology, smartwatches have become the main gadgets for connecting a wearer to his or her smartphone by way of a tiny screen, but the CES 2016 has shown that wearables can get even smaller. Though this smart ring is anything but dainty, it still manages to act like a smartwatch worn on a finger. The OKTO ring claims to be the first ring that allows you to place and receive calls…

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CES 2016: Bringing mobile technology and cameras closer together

CAM ON mobile technology camera photography smartphone

From covers to lenses, the Consumer Electronics Show is bringing photography to phones. CES 2016 is well underway and the more than 3,600 exhibitors showing over 20,000 products and mobile technology offerings have filled a record breaking amount of space within the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Venetian Hotel and the Aria Hotel. Las Vegas isn’t new to this type of event but it is certainly lending every bit of free space to it, this year. Among the trends that have popped up through the latest tech developments is in…

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MOVI camera from Livestream heats up CES 2016

MOVI camera

The gadget has been designed to be used during live streaming conferences and other types of events. Among the first headlines to make some real noise from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was the MOVI camera, which is meant to be used for live streaming of all sorts of events, conferences, weddings and other videos to be viewed live all around the world. The streaming camera is to become available to consumers in April and will retail for an expected $199. The MOVI camera can be used…

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Wearable tech and battery packs may steal the CES 2016 spotlight

robot technology example image battery packs

As the largest technology show is about to kick off, the predictions for the largest hits are rampant. Among the favorites expected to make a splash at the CES in Las Vegas include technologies such as wearables, battery packs, virtual and augmented reality and – of course – a slew of announcements from companies old and new. The CES begins with indie startups and works its way toward larger and more established corporations. The event kicks off today and builds throughout the week. It is predicted that during this time,…

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Wearable technology for babies draws the spotlight at CES

wearable technology baby

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has seen the unveiling of several devices to let parents track their infants. The 2015 CES, last week brought a broad range of different types of tech into the news, but near the end, what appeared to be making a considerable splash was the wearable technology and trackers that were designed for parents to use with their babies. The Las Vegas based show was the opportunity for many companies to show that even babies can have wearables. Among those types of wearable technology that was…

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