Smartphone addiction forces Dutch town to add traffic lights to sidewalks

Smartphone addiction

A town called Bodegraven in the Netherlands has been adding the lights to pedestrian crossings. The problem with smartphone addiction has become great enough that a Dutch town has added traffic lights in the pavement at pedestrian crossings. The goal is to help to stop people from walking out into active lanes of traffic when they fail to look up from their mobile devices. The people of the town have been cautioned about looking where they are going but the problem persisted. As the smartphone addiction continues, the town decided…

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Windows Phone is on life support and BlackBerry OS has kicked the bucket

windows phone - mobile operating system

New market share info have revealed that BB10 is officially irrelevant and Microsoft’s mobile OS is close behind. Recently released data from WORLDWIDE research showed Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile operating systems have essentially slipped into complete irrelevance. The sheer size and popularity of Android and iOS have crushed them. While BlackBerry OS has slipped down to a 0 percent market share, Microsoft’s mobile OS has only 0.3 percent. Analysis of Windows Phone figures clearly shows that Microsoft’s mobile operating system is being left behind. It simply can’t keep up…

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Mobile technology played an important role in holiday shopping

mobile technology wallet Holiday Shopping

Consumers turned to their smartphones more than ever, this year, to quickly find what they needed. While a growing number of consumers are still getting attached to the trend toward shopping online, mobile technology has been carving a growing portion of that market for itself as people used their devices to find the products and services they wanted this year. A new report has shown that consumers enjoyed using their smartphones to buy holiday presents. It doesn’t come as any shock to learn that consumers are relying on their mobile…

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Canada’s use of mobile technology is growing quickly

canada mobile commerce users

The country’s regulator has shown that a rising number of Canadians own smartphones and are using them more. According to mobile technology figures that have recently been released by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), two out of every three people in that country now own a smartphone and about half of the people of Canada have a tablet computer. The CRTC’s report showed that Canadians are rapidly taking on some of the latest in consumer computing devices. The three part report focused on the Canadian telecom industry as…

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Mobile technology is connected with prosperity and literacy

iphone mobile technology news m-commerce

A recent report from TISS has shown that households with smartphones tend to do better economically. According to the results of a recent study, households that own mobile technology have a greater economic prosperity level and are more likely to have a higher literacy level than homes that don’t have smartphones, tablets and other gadgets of that nature. The “Mobile Multiplier Study” was released by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and Tata and Docomo. The study showed that in Maharashtra, 98 percent of households with postgraduates own mobile…

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Mobile devices may be harming relationships, not helping them

iphone or android mobile phone subsidies

Though communication may be the key to a successful relationship, there is too much of a good thing. Mobile devices have become a central part of the way that we communicate on a daily basis, but we have become so heavily focused on these screens that we have started to give preference to those gadgets over the people who are actually with us in the present. In fact, it is common enough that a new term, “phubbing” has been coined to describe the behavior. Phubbing occurs when users of mobile…

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Mobile technology growth moves ever upward in Africa

africa mobile technology

The markets throughout that continent are primed and ready to take off in this tech field. The future of mobile technology is one of the most common questions asked in the entire tech industry, and one of the areas where its impact and growth will soon be seen in the most rapid moving way is in the African market. While smartphones are owned by the majority of people in many markets, they’re not there yet in Africa. However, the African marketplace is now on the cusp of a massive shift…

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Mobile health devices in exam rooms don’t bother patients

mhealth augmented biometrics security mobile health

Doctors had been concerned that using these gadgets would bring about fears for personal privacy. For some time now, doctors have had their worries about using technology in order to keep electronic medical records, but it appears as though patents do not feel that same barrier about using mobile health devices and techniques in exam rooms. A new survey conducted by Nuance has revealed that patients welcome the use of mobile gadgets. Among the reasons that the voice recognition tech company behind the survey found that patients found mobile health…

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BlackBerry to take BES12 to the cloud

Blackberry technology news mobile security BES12 mobile security

The handset maker has announced that it will be making a cloud-based version of its device management platform. BlackBerry has recently announced that it now has intentions to offer a version of its BES12 device management platform that will be cloud based. This is a part of the struggling Canadian handset manufacturer’s strategy to improve the accessibility of its service to small- and medium-sized businesses that are seeking to better their device security over their own networks. The company has already established a strong reputation for powerful security capabilities. The…

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BlackBerry Leap touchscreen smartphone is unveiled

BlackBerry Leap mobile health

The Canadian handset manufacturer has now shown the world its latest device, at the lower end of the market. The BlackBerry Leap has now been unveiled, showing the smartphone market the newest entrant, which will feature a 5 inch touchscreen and that will be geared toward the lower end of the market, as the Canadian device maker attempts to claw its way back into relevancy and to regain a new customer base. This smartphone will be far more affordable than other mobile devices sold by this brand. It will cost…

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