Mobile marketing taking off among Korean businesses

Korea mobile commerce

mobile marketing in Korea

Consumers are beginning to learn the ropes of the different techniques, as well.

The advertising industry in Korea has been undergoing an exceptionally rapid transformation thanks to smartphone technology, and this is making mobile marketing a highly successful technique, particularly through QR code coupons and mcommerce efforts.

From virtual stores on subway walls to motion sensitive digital ads, the channel is opening up everywhere.

Touch sensitive displays have become entirely commonplace in Korea, illustrating the comfort level with technology both among businesses and consumers. Also becoming a regular mobile marketing sight are the digital kiosks in the subway stations that allow commuters to become consumers.

This mobile commerce technique takes only a smartphone swipe in order to purchase transit information as well as digital products such as music and ebooks.

Mobile marketing in Korea is being employed in a range of different ways.

From the more mainstream QR codes to the latest cutting edge near field communication (NFC) technology, advertisers are able to provide consumers with a highly interactive, dynamic experience in which to learn about products and brands as well as to actually make purchases.

By using smartphones for a touch or wave based mobile marketing experience, these devices give marketers the ability to not only inform consumers about a product or promotion, but it also allows those shoppers to actually take part at that precise moment. This no longer requires the consumer to have to remember what they have seen and act upon it later on. Instead, they have the ability to pursue the ad further right at the time that they are interested.

Even more recently, technology is in the midst of being created in order to use cameras to scan the faces of consumers so that they can be recognized by the digital advertising, and their mobile marketing can be tailored specifically to their preferences and tastes.

In this way, mobile marketing and smartphones are not only providing a means of more effective and creative advertising, but it also gives businesses a number of advantages. These include consumer engagement as it has never before been possible, as well as notable cost savings and superior results tracking.

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