Unique marketing uses smallest QR code art gallery

QR Code Marketing Campaign

QR Code Marketing Campaign

The tiniest one in the world is now located in a Hong Kong shopping mall.

When it comes to space, if you’re a retailer or other merchant in Hong Kong, the goal is to get as much done in as small an amount of space as possible, making QR codes an advertising method with a tremendous amount of potential.

This unique marketing technique can help seller who can face rates as high as $2,000 per square foot of mall space.

With rental costs as high as that, it makes it very difficult for the next generation of shop owners to come up with the startup costs that they require to open up a store, and then to be able to recoup that amount in a reasonable amount of time. To overcome this issue, these entrepreneurs are coming up with creative new uses of technology to help minimize their space needs.

The latest unique marketing effort of this nature, the Cube Store, is a perfect example of this.

The entire shop is made up of a single square foot of retail space. It is not only allowing first time store owners to get their foot in the door of shop ownership, but it is also turning out to be highly appealing to consumers, who are interested to find out what is available at these mobile friendly locations.

Unique MarketingThe entire concept was demonstrated in a very favorable light by an ad agency company called Grey Hong Kong. It rented one of the cube store spaces on behalf of the Ice Gel fingernail paint brand. It then hired an artist to use the product to design acrylic fingernails for the display within the tiny shop. Within the cube store, it was labeled as “The World’s Smallest Art Gallery”.

To support this effort, QR codes were prominently but attractively displayed, allowing smartphone users to can them in order to be redirected to the Ice Gel website. To date, it has already generated 24,000 page views. Conversions are also up, as there has been a 10 percent increase in new bookings at the company’s flagship salon, as well as a 30 percent boost in telephone inquiries.


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