Mobile marketing appeals to small businesses of every kind

small business mobile marketing

small business mobile marketing

Merchants from hair salons to sandwich shops are finding it effective.

Small businesses that have never been able to use online advertising techniques practical for sharing information about their promotions are now discovering that mobile marketing can provide the affordability and results that they have been waiting for all this time.

The number of features available is helping them to link to and convert many consumers.

Hair salons, for example, can use text messages to inform consumers regarding special offers, or can remind them that they have an appointment coming up. Furthermore, they can provide links so that action can be taken right away, while the services are on the customer’s mind.

For example, a customer could receive a notice that there is a current promotion where a free manicure is available to anyone who makes an appointment for a cut and color. This mobile marketing advertisement can come with a click to call button or a button that will direct the smartphone user to the webpage where an appointment can be booked online.

Using that mobile marketing technique, customers can be converted much more quickly and easily.

Moreover, that technique is affordable enough to use that even small businesses with limited advertising budgets can implement them. Retailers are finding this to be a breath of fresh air, but equally, so are the consumers.

Studies have shown that consumers like to receive mobile marketing discount offers that allow them to make purchases, orders, or bookings all through their favorite devices. That said, they are no more receptive to spam on their smartphones than they are on their personal computers. In the circumstance where the ads and offers are being sent through an opt-in or social media campaign, consumers have shown to be highly receptive to the opportunity for savings and convenience.

According to a study performed by Ofcom, 97.5 percent of all text messages that are received by smartphone users are read within the first five minutes of having received them. This includes communications from friends and family as well as from businesses and brands. Therefore, the chances that mobile marketing messages will be read – and promptly – are extremely high. This is another notable benefit that small businesses can enjoy, particularly when making a very limited time offer.

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