Interactive marketing becoming more popular in South Korea

South Korea NFC Shopping

South Korea NFC Shopping

Marketing industry continues to adjust to the trends influencing consumer interest

As mobile technology becomes more common amongst consumers, the marketing industry has to adapt to the changes in consumer interest. South Korea’s marketing industry is the latest sector to experience a technological transformation, with many advertisers beginning to focus on interactive marketing. As such, NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in the industry because of its ability to dynamically connect consumers with businesses. The use of the technology is expected to continue growing as more marketers see success with their campaigns targeting mobile consumers.

NFC kiosks in subway stations give consumers access to digital content

Many of South Korea’s subway stations feature electronic kiosks that are equipped with NFC technology. Consumers can use their smart phones to interact with these kiosks, gaining access to digital content that ranges from best-selling novels to musical hits. These kiosks can even provide consumers with information concerning the subway route and what delays, if any, they may face along their travels.

NFC technology is a powerful interactive marketing tool

In terms of interactive marketing, NFC technology is beginning to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Advertisers are having success in engaging consumers by providing them with discounts and special offers for their favorite products. These offers general come in the form of digital coupons, which can be collected through interacting with and NFC tag. Advertisers are also able to provide consumers with a wide range of digital content, such as videos or interactive text, when these NFC tags are scanned. When compared to traditional forms of marketing, interactive marketing is considered more effective and capable of enabling the industry to reach a new generation of consumers.

Interactive marketing is not be the only purpose for NFC technology

NFC technology does not only have the support of South Korea’s marketing industry. It is also being promoted by the South Korean Communications Commission, which is pushing for NFC to be used in electronic signs and in living spaces. Panasonic, a Japanese technology company, is already working on bringing NFC technology into homes with a series of NFC-enabled appliances. Though the technology will likely branch out into various sectors in the near future, it is likely to continue being a strong tool in interactive marketing.

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