Growth of mobile games in Southeast Asia is slowing, but remains strong

Mobile Gaming

Southeast Asia is leading the way in the aggressive growth of mobile gaming Southeast Asia may be the world’s leading market for mobile games, but the market is showing signs of becoming more sluggish due to oversaturation. While more people in this region have been purchasing smartphones, the number of big-name mobile games has reached a point where smaller games are finding it harder to compete. Games like “Candy Crush Saga” and “Minecraft” have come to dominate the market, leaving little room for other games to thrive. Mobile games are…

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Kamcord brings mobile games streaming to Japan and South Korea

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Kamcord is making it possible for people to stream mobile games online Kamcord, a U.S. company that specializes in allowing mobile consumers to stream games from their devices, has announced the launch of Kamcord Korea and Kamcord Japan. Streaming is a big business, with both YouTube Gaming and, to a greater extent, Twitch showing how profitable the streaming market can be. Most streaming services focus exclusively on PC and console games, however, with mobile games having relatively little support in this growing market. Kamcord intends to take advantage of this…

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Samsung to showcase its mobile payments service during seven city tour in the US

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Samsung Pay to be on display during nationwide tour Samsung has announced that it will be taking its new mobile payments service, Samsung Pay, on a seven city tour in the United States. The company intends to showcase the capabilities of its new platform, allowing consumers and businesses to see how they can use Samsung Pay. The new service has already been tested in South Korea, where mobile commerce has become quite popular among consumers that have become intensely mobile-centric. Company will show off the features and capabilities of its…

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Samsung teams with MasterCard for mobile payments

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Samsung is working with MasterCard to augment new mobile payments service Samsung has announced that it has partnered with MasterCard for its new mobile payments platform. Later this year, Samsung intends to launch its first mobile payments service, called Samsung Pay, in Europe. The company will compete directly with Apple, which plans to launch its own payment service in the European market later this year as well. With MasterCard, Samsung believes that it will have an edge in this competition and could limit the success that Apple sees in the…

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Mobile commerce market is growing quickly throughout the world

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Report highlights the growth that the global mobile commerce market is experiencing A new report from yStats shows that mobile commerce is experiencing healthy growth throughout the world. The report notes that the global mobile commerce market has, in some cases, seen triple digit growth rates, which means that the market is beginning to overshadow the overall online retail market in terms of sales growth. Notably, however, desktop computers remain the favored way for consumers to shop online, but many are beginning to use their smartphones to shop for and…

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Global mobile commerce market is showing healthy signs of growth

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Cirteo report highlights the rise of mobile commerce throughout the world The mobile commerce market is growing quickly throughout the world. Globally, retailers are becoming more mobile-centric, taking note of growing smartphone penetration and the increasing demand for mobile services that allow consumers to shop from their devices. A new study from Criteo shows that the state of the global mobile commerce market is quite healthy, with mobile driving aggressive growth in the e-commerce space as well. Notably, mobile shopping is growing most in Asia, where smartphone penetration is accelerating.…

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Samsung’s mobile payments service to launch in September

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Samsung sees promise in the mobile commerce space due to growing consumer interest Samsung has plans to launch its own mobile payments service in South Korea and the United States in September of this year, somewhat later than the company originally planned. After the initial release, the service, called Samsung Pay, will be released in Europe, China, Australia, and South Africa. These details were revealed by Samsung executive vice president of mobile commerce Dr. Injong Rhee during a recent Samsung event. Company will compete with others in order to find…

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Mobile banking sees 13 percent usage jump in Q1

mobile banking

The South Korean market has greatly expanded its use of these apps and services during the span of three months. According to data that has been released by the central bank in South Korea, mobile banking in that market has undergone a 13 percent increase in terms of its daily usage over the span of the three months that made up the first quarter of this year. This insight underscores the strength of the growing trend toward mobile device use for financial transactions. During the period running from January through…

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Impulse is driving mobile commerce in South Korea

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Impulse buying is becoming a major force for those living in South Korea Consulting firm McKinsey has released a report that shows that impulse is driving participation in mobile commerce in South Korea. The report notes that the country’s mobile commerce market has doubled in value every year since 2010. Now, mobile accounts for nearly one-third of all online sales made in the country, making South Korea one of the most attractive mobile markets in the world. The report also notes that consumers are making mobile purchases based on impulse…

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Mobile commerce is growing dramatically throughout the world

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New report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in the UK and elsewhere Criteo, an advertising specialist based in Europe, has released a new report that highlights the ascension of mobile commerce in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. For the past few years, consumers have begun to favor shopping for products with their mobile devices rather than visit physical stores. While traditional stores remain important to the vast majority of consumers, a growing number of people are opting to purchase products online using nothing more than their smartphones and tablets.…

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Naver to launch mobile payments service in South Korea

Mobile Payments adoption by women

New mobile payments service will be launching in South Korea this year Naver, the leading web portal operator in South Korea, has plans to launch its own mobile payments service in June of this year. The company has seen a great deal of promise in the mobile space, with this perspective coming from its subsidiary Line, a leading messaging service based in Japan. Naver notes that 30% of keyword searchers have to do with shopping, and many of these searches are coming from mobile devices. Naver Pay will allow consumers…

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