Sephora unveils augmented reality digital mirror

Sephora augmented reality

Sephora teams with ModiFace to produce innovative digital mirror French cosmetics brand Sephora has partnered with ModiFace, a virtual reality technology company, to create a digital mirror that leverages augmented reality. The mirror is, essentially, a monitor equipped with a camera that feeds visual information to the screen. Customers can use the digital mirror to try on eye shadow, which will appear on their face thanks to augmented reality. AR is becoming quite prominent in the marketing field as its interactive nature is becoming better understood. Businesses need to find…

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What do your customers expect from your mobile marketing campaigns?

Smartphone customers are already building expectations, but are you meeting them? As smartphones rapidly increase their market share among mobile device users, campaigns that target cell phones with those capabilities are becoming more common. As a new channel, however, it isn’t always obvious. Moreover, brands need to recognize that optimizing their websites isn’t the full extent of the process. However, as something new, they aren’t always sure what other steps to take. What do consumers want from their mobile marketing campaigns? Unfortunately, they’re not exactly sure, themselves. Though they know…

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Augmented reality picking up steam in marketing

Augmented Reality contect lens (not actual device)

Advertisers beginning to show more serious interest in augmented reality Augmented reality has long been considered a technology that is best suited for entertainment. While it is true that the technology has performed well in keeping consumers entertained, it also has uses that extend beyond gaming and similar forms of engagement. As augmented reality becomes more common, its uses in advertising are attracting more attention. Marketers are beginning to see the merits of engaging consumers through the use of highly interactive augmented reality campaigns that produce significantly better results than…

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Candy Lab aims to make marketing more robust with augmented reality

Augmented Reality app

  Candy Lab attempts to tackle interactive marketing issues Augmented reality is all the rage these days. Consumers are taking to augmented reality like a seal to water, which has created a promising opportunity for advertisers looking to connect with these tech-savvy individuals. Though advertisers are well aware of the marketing potential of augmented reality, few have found a way to engage consumers in an effective manner that is not considered intrusive. An augmented reality startup called Candy Lab may have the answer to this problem. Cachetown app turns advertisements…

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Telefonica launches augmented reality marketing campaign

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campain

Augmented reality marketing finds favor with Telefonica Telefonica, Spain’s largest broadband and telecommunications provider, has embraced augmented reality in the hopes of revitalizing its marketing endeavors. Augmented reality has managed to gain a great deal of acclaim in the marketing world because of its ability to engage consumers. Those making use of augmented reality marketing campaigns have been met with success, as the products being promoted through such campaigns have received high levels of exposure. Telefonica believes that augmented reality marketing will help the company appeal to a new generation…

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Interactive marketing becoming more popular in South Korea

South Korea NFC Shopping

Marketing industry continues to adjust to the trends influencing consumer interest As mobile technology becomes more common amongst consumers, the marketing industry has to adapt to the changes in consumer interest. South Korea’s marketing industry is the latest sector to experience a technological transformation, with many advertisers beginning to focus on interactive marketing. As such, NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in the industry because of its ability to dynamically connect consumers with businesses. The use of the technology is expected to continue growing as more marketers see success…

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Unlock the Invisible with Your Mobile

augmented reality humanoid robot

Reveal and enjoy animated 3D art hidden in adverts and claim exclusive discounts on the go with latest app update from, the most accessible augmented reality service; announces today the astonishing new features of its latest 1.6 version, available now to download from Apple iTunes and Google Play. Key features include: • Animation – see things spin, move and react to gravity and location as you move • Vouchers – collect embedded discounts as you scan • Screen Capture – share your photos of the action • New…

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Publishers embrace augmented reality to appeal to consumers

Bauer Media Heat magazine augmented reality

IPC and Bauer Media to utilize augmented reality technology Publishing giants IPC and Bauer Media have embraced augmented reality with the launch of separate initiatives that are fashioned for the leading publications. IPC’s Look magazine and Bauer Media’s Heat magazine will feature a variety of digital content that is designed to improve the experience of readers. Both publishers believe that the technology may help them compete with digital platforms, which have become rampantly popular with consumers. The initiatives are primarily focused on t he UK market, where circulation of print…

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Jones Soda Sponsors Mrs. Washington with Personalized QR Code Label For Mrs. America Pageant

Jones Soda is supporting Jessica Riggs

Seattle, WA based Jones Soda is supporting Jessica Riggs, Mrs. Washington 2012, with a personalized label with her photo and QR Code. Jessica’s soda was created for her Mrs. America Pageant gift basket she will give to her 50 sash sisters in Tucson, AZ on August 29th. While on her summer Pacific Northwest “health and wellness” press tour, the mother of two is also giving her interactive digital bottles to journalists. The QR Code was created through the Microsoft TAG site and currently links to Mrs. Washington’s “About Me” landing…

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NFC technology to be used in new outdoor marketing ploy

M-Commerce Industry

DMC teams with Primesight to engage consumers in a new way Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has announced its partnership with Primesight, an outdoor media company, this week. Through the partnership, the companies aim to install 100 new interactive panels throughout DCM’s cinema estates. These interactive panels will be equipped with NFC technology, which will be used to engage consumers on a dynamic level. The initiative is meant to bring brands closer to consumers, allowing the two to interact more fluently. NFC technology has already shown itself to be fairly proficient…

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NFC technology expected to have major impact in mobile marketing

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Advertisers continue to experiment with interactive technology The advertising industry has long been on the cutting edge of consumer engagement. The industry has been keenly attuned to the development of interactive technologies that would allow them to reach out to consumers more effectively. In the past, several of these technologies have produced modest results. Advertisers found a great deal of success in the advent of QR codes, which successfully exposed a wider demographic of consumers to the concept of mobile marketing. Now, NFC technology may be poised to change the…

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