Augmented reality apparel becoming more of a realistic

Augmented reality Normal Apparel

Augmented reality Normal Apparel

Fashion industry continues to show interest in augmented reality

The world of fashion is constantly pushing the boundaries of convention and has made a name for itself by doing so. As technology becomes a more significant part of everyday life, the fashion industry is looking to respond by making clothes more compliant with emerging technology trends. Thus, augmented reality apparel is born. The concept of embedding digital content into an article of clothing is gaining traction in the fashion industry and augmented reality could soon become a normal aspect of the industry as a whole.

Normals shows off augmented reality apparel

Normals, a design collective based in France, has created an augmented reality outfit that exist in both the physical can digital worlds. The project is called Apparel and aims to break new ground in the blending of technology and clothing. Apparel incorporates sophisticated augmented reality technology, custom computer applications, and personal data to create a wearable outfit that can be worn like real clothing. Apparel’s first outfit can be worn in the physical or digital worlds, or both.

Apparell project could be the next generation of fashion

Normals notes that the Apparel project will allow people to wear anything they want without actually owning a physical product. The collective is interested in seeing how Apparel could be used as a form of individual expression, as users will eventually be able to create their own outfits. This could have some significant implications for the fashion industry; as such a program would remove the need for people to actually purchase high-end brands since they could easily get them for free. Normals notes that it may be several years before Apparel reaches the point where it might start bringing competition to fashion retailers.

Augmented reality is often used as an entertainment tool

Augmented reality has been used in the fashion industry before, though mostly as a marketing tool. Retailers have, in the past, used augmented reality to create a form of virtual dressing room, allowing consumers to try on articles of clothing before they make purchases. Augmented reality technology receives much of its attention for its uses in entertainment, but is beginning to break into more practical sectors.

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