Weightplan.com uses QR code marketing for its Gymcodes

qr code marketing gym

qr code marketing gym

This virtual personal trainer helps with proper use of gym equipment.

The health and fitness industry has just stepped up its mobile innovation, as QR code marketing is used by Weightplan.com with Gymcodes designed as an app for iPhone users.

This application gives immediate gym tutoring for the gym equipment on which the barcodes are displayed.

Chains of fitness centers and gyms that are participating in the program need only attach the proper codes onto their various pieces of equipment. Then, members of the gym can download the Weightplan iPhone App into their smartphones and they can use it to scan the barcodes in order to access several forms of content to help them to better take advantage of the gym equipment. They include tutorial guides, as well as videos. It can then even record the workout so that it syncs with the nutrition and fitness site online by Weightplan.com

The Gymcodes QR code marketing are designed to help gym members to understand their gyms.

With them, they can get to know every piece of equipment, what they’re for, and the best techniques to use to bring about the fastest and most effective results, without the risk of being afraid of the machine or embarrassing themselves through improper or odd use. It can also help to minimize the chance of improper use that could lead to injury.


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According to the Weightplan CEO, Andrew Barham, “With un-staffed gyms becoming more popular, Gymcodes is the obvious choice for gym goers who need reassurance or who just want a more varied workout. Gymcodes combined with the Weightplan website bring together many aspects of health and fitness to provide a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to diet or improve their fitness.”

Barham explained that this QR code marketing technique allows the company to use the best and most effective advice from experts in the fitness industry and can make it available to anyone who uses the app and the barcodes. There are also currently 50 different multi-day workouts that have been professionally designed and that are all balanced with both activity and nutrition for faster results and a better chance of goal achievement.


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