NFC begins to dominate mobile marketing industry in Japan

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NFC may be capable of dethroning QR codes in the land of their birth

For years, the mobile marketing industry in Japan has been dominated by QR codes. The codes originated in the country and were first recognized for their marketing potential by Japanese advertisers. Japan’s mobile marketing industry has since proven a exemplar in terms of product innovation and interaction between consumers and businesses. Now, NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in the country and could soon replace the powerful QR codes. More retailers and advertisers are beginning to adopt NFC technology in the hopes of connecting with consumers in a more dynamic way.

Mobile marketing industry begins to adapt to consumer demands

The mobile marketing industry rose in the advent of mobile technology. As consumers became tethered to smart phones and tablets, businesses began to feel the need to connect with these consumers on their favored platforms. Thus, businesses began turning to advertisers who were already knowledgeable of technologies like QR codes and, later, NFC technology. As these technologies became more popular, the mobile marketing industry began to change to meet the demands of consumers.

Gap NFC campaign allows consumers to share their favorite outfits

This month, two Gap retail stores in Tokyo adopted an NFC system as part of the company’s Summer T Coordinates campaign. Consumers that visit the stores are encouraged to connect their Facebook account with a special application. Participants are then given a special bracelet that is equipped with an NFC chip. As consumers make their way through the stores, they will encounter employees wearing summer-themed outfits. Those that enjoy these outfits can touch their bracelet to their smart phone to share the outfit on the Facebook page.

NFC technology continues to gain momentum

Other companies throughout Japan are making use of NFC technology in different ways. The technology is beginning to become a popular option for businesses looking establish a stronger presence in the mobile marketing industry. Currently, there is no sign that the popularity of NFC technology will diminish in the coming years.

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