QR codes take another step into the fitness industry at Bally’s

fitness gym QR codes

The CIO is using the barcodes to improve the customer experience of the gyms using iPads Bally Total Fitness has experienced a number of crises over the last decade, including two bankruptcies, 225 gym sales, and multiple customer lawsuits, so it is now looking to completely reverse this situation through an entirely different customer experience, and as a part of this is the use of QR codes, videos, and iPads. The CIO of Bally’s has launched a number of different IT initiatives since 2011 to revolutionize the experience the company…

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QR codes break into the fitness industry

QR Codes fitness

San Diego health club makes use of QR codes A health club in San Diego, California, is bringing QR codes to the fitness industry. The Sporting Club has begun integrating QR codes into instructional videos and printed materials in order to promote its workout experience and the benefits afforded to club members. The club has chosen to make use of QR codes because of the rising popularity of smartphones among its members. The codes could help the club connect with its members in a more dynamic way, providing these members…

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Weightplan.com uses QR code marketing for its Gymcodes

qr code marketing gym

This virtual personal trainer helps with proper use of gym equipment. The health and fitness industry has just stepped up its mobile innovation, as QR code marketing is used by Weightplan.com with Gymcodes designed as an app for iPhone users. This application gives immediate gym tutoring for the gym equipment on which the barcodes are displayed. Chains of fitness centers and gyms that are participating in the program need only attach the proper codes onto their various pieces of equipment. Then, members of the gym can download the Weightplan iPhone…

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