NFC-enabled cards go live at University of San Francisco

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NFC Mobile PaymentsTechnology companies announce the successful launch of NFC-card system

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a provider and developer of security solutions for contactless technologies, and the CBORD Group, a developer of smart cards used at a number of colleges and universities throughout the country, have announced the successful launch of the duo’s new NFC-enabled smart cards at the University of San Francisco (USF). The NFC-enabled cards will be used to grant students access to facilities throughout the campus and make payments for laundry and other such services.

NFC technology continues to grab attention for its various uses

NFC technology has become a popular and convenient option for companies looking to provide consumers with a new range of services. Though the technology has found the most use in the world of mobile commerce, it has also become an effective mobile marketing tool. The uses for NFC beyond these two industries have become a subject of great interest for many companies and organizations. Companies like Ingersoll Rand and the CBORD Group are working to push the boundaries of the technology in order to discover practical ways to incorporate it into people’s lives.

New system a welcome addition to the university’s existing security credentials system

The NFC-enabled cards at USF represent the first phase of a larger project that has been launched by the two companies. This project aims to expand the use of NFC-enabled cards as university campuses throughout the U.S. Jason Rossi, Director of One Card and Campus Security Systems at USF, notes that the NFC-enabled cards are a welcome addition to the university’s security and credentials systems. Rossi claims that the cards will help create a favorable experience for both students and faculty.

NFC-enabled cards used for access and laundry services

The NFC-enabled cards are meant to provide students with door access to a number of facilities at USF. The cards can also be used to pay for laundry service on campus, which will be linked to a student’s financial information.

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