Vizibility is working on new mobile platform that will leverage QR codes for social networking

Social Media Marketing

QR codes are becoming increasingly entangled with social networking.

The codes have been a versatile tool in the marketing world but their uses in that capacity appeal to a broad audience looking for a way to maintain their electronic reputations. Vizibility, a young company that specializes in search engine listing, is looking to take advantage of the social appeal of QR codes. The company has announced that it is developing a new mobile platform that will allow business professionals to share information more easily.

Through Vizibility’s new platform, users can consolidate their myriad social networks into one QR code.

The code is then generated online and users have the option to stamp that code on their business cards or other printed material as well as using it in emails. When scanned, the codes present the scanner with a number of options based upon what the code’s owner wishes to make public. From there, personal information, such as email and phone number can be automatically added to the contact list of any smart phone.

Networking is important in the world of business. qr codes and social media

Social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ are making networking easier, but when a new technology emerges, however simple it may be, the allure of a technological advantage is quite enticing. Vizibility believes that their platform will make networking easier but also more effective. According to the company, people are more likely to remember who you are if they can associate you with a unique experience. QR codes may be that unique experience.

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