To unlock or not to unlock, that is the question!

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Unlocking a cell phone

The once taboo subject of “how to unlock a phone” is now gaining favor in the public eye and has become a popular process. The process simply entails allowing a mobile device to use a different SIM card than what it had been given by a mobile network operator. Telecommunications often sell devices that are “locked” to their networks in order to better control the way these devices are used. There are services, such as, that offer ways to unlock devices in a quick and easy way.

There are numerous ways to unlock a mobile device and some of them are actually offered by mobile carriers, such as T-Mobile.

  • Phone unlocking service

There are many companies that offer this service and are designed to take care of the unlocking process for you. There are several online companies that handle the unlocking process by providing special codes. These services tend to cost money, of course, and the ultimate cost depends on the mobile device that is being unlocked.unlock phone

  • Do it yourself

For those with technical knowledge, unlocking a phone yourself may be a more favorable approach. This approach takes more time, but is generally less expensive than other methods, apart from getting approval to unlock a device from a mobile operator. The methodology used to unlock a mobile device yourself will depend on what kind of phone you have.


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  • Ask your mobile operator

Telecommunications companies see great benefit in keeping mobile devices locked. Some, however, believe that providing consumers with the freedom to use their devices as they see fit is good business practice. As such, some mobile operators will provide an unlock code for certain mobile devices if certain conditions are met. In the past, T-Mobile would issue unlock codes for certain devices after a 90-day period had passed. Other companies will provide an unlock code if asked.

While unlocking a phone is still illegal in many parts of the world, telecommunications companies are actually pushing for this practice to be made legal. There are benefits to having an unlocked phone, including the ability to use a mobile device anywhere in the world. There are fewer restrictions on how these mobile devices are used, but their use heavily depends on access to a mobile network. Unlocking has nothing to do with allowing a mobile device to operate independently of a mobile network and those with unlocked devices must still maintain accounts with mobile operators.

There had been negative stigma surrounding unlocked mobile devices in the past, but this is beginning to evaporate. Telecommunications companies are becoming advocates for unlocking device, with some claiming that unlocked devices give consumers more freedom in the way they use their smartphones. Some companies are still concerned about the process, but others have shown that they are willing to support unlocked devices.


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