UNICEF adopts QR codes for this year’s orange box campaign


The United Nations Children’s Fund, most commonly known as UNICEF, will be making some changes to their annual orange box campaign this Halloween. The organization has been using the orange box campaign since 1953 and has raised more than $164 million in that time. UNICEF has taken note of the growing popularity of smart phones and has decided to enter the digital realm in hopes of raising more funds. To this end, the organization will be plastering QR codes on their iconic orange boxes.

When scanned with a smart phone, the codes resolve to a mobile website set up by UNICEF. From the website, mobile users can download a new app called Digital Costume Party, which allows them to play around with virtual costumes and send their creations to various social networks. The website will also function as a way station for donations, and those donating will have their picture featured on the site.

The money raised through the orange box campaign goes toward helping children in need throughout the world. The organization offers access to food, shelter and medical care for children that cannot access such things on their own. Past fundraising events, such as the Red Cross’ campaign to raise money to help a disaster-struck Japan, have proven successful. UNICEF hopes to mimic this success knowing that more people are prone to carry their smart phones around more so than physical money.

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