Wearable technology from UNICEF to boost child fitness

back to school education children wearable technology devices student qr codes

The charitable organization is also hoping to use wearables to help to combat malnutrition in kids. UNICEF has made a move into wearable technology that has surprised many people around the world, as the launch of its Kid Power program has involved distributing high tech fitness bands to thousands of kids in schools across the United States. The reason that UNICEF has made this move into wearables for kids has two separate but connected purposes. According to U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s Caryl Stern, “One in four American kids is underactive…

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Mobile payments may be a boon for disaster recovery

Mobile payments disaster recovery

Mobile donations help raise money more quickly for disaster recovery efforts Mobile payments are often seen as a way for retailers and other businesses to engage consumers that have become tethered to smartphones and tablets. The mobile commerce sector may prove quite beneficial to charitable organizations that assist in recovery after a natural disaster, however. Recent natural disasters in Japan and the Philippines have shown that mobile devices can increase the inflow of monetary support for those suffering from catastrophic events, especially when these devices are being used to promote…

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Mobile commerce used by UNICEF for highly effective campaign

Unicef mobile commerce

The international children’s charity experienced a highly successful experience among smartphone users. The “Speak Up for Children” mobile commerce campaign has now been launched and is experiencing considerable success among smartphone and tablet users, whose awareness and opinions of the charity have measurably increased, and whose likelihood of making a donation has been elevated. UNICEF launched the campaign to boost its visibility and to increase interaction with smartphone users. Behind the UNICEF UK mobile commerce campaign is a company called Ogilvy & Mather, a massive international marketing firm that was…

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UNICEF adopts QR codes for this year’s orange box campaign


The United Nations Children’s Fund, most commonly known as UNICEF, will be making some changes to their annual orange box campaign this Halloween. The organization has been using the orange box campaign since 1953 and has raised more than $164 million in that time. UNICEF has taken note of the growing popularity of smart phones and has decided to enter the digital realm in hopes of raising more funds. To this end, the organization will be plastering QR codes on their iconic orange boxes. When scanned with a smart phone,…

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