UK companies could be missing out because of their avoidance of mobile commerce

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Survey suggests that many companies could be missing opportunities by not engaging mobile consumers

The results of a new survey conducted by OnePoll suggests that a large number of the small and medium sized enterprises in the United Kingdom could be losing out on a lot of money because they do not have a sufficient mobile presence. Many businesses have shown some interest in mobile commerce, but have not yet taken steps to engage mobile consumers in any significant way. As such, they are losing touch with a changing consumer base that favors mobile interaction over more traditional forms of engagement.

Many companies are expected to lose $60 billion in revenue over the next three years

OnePoll surveyed some 4.9 million small and medium enterprises throughout the United Kingdom, finding that 65% of these organizations are likely to miss out on more than $60 billion in revenue over the next three years. This is largely because these businesses do not have any mobile commerce strategies in place. These businesses are effectively allowing mobile consumers to slip through the gaps in their business models, and these consumers are seeking out companies that offer them mobile services.

A lack of technical knowledge could be crippling some businesses

mobile commerce london englandA lack of technical knowledge may be the primary problem for these small and medium enterprises. Among small businesses, traditional forms of marketing and engagement are typically favored because these methods are, at times, cost effective and require only a limited understanding of technology. Medium-sized organizations have been feeling the need to engage mobile consumers, but have not yet found a way to do so, largely because they are not aware of the mobile tools  that are at their disposal. The majority of these organizations have spent as little as $15,000 on their mobile strategies, placing them at a significant disadvantage when compared to companies that are taking the mobile space more seriously.

Mobile commerce can be daunting for small and medium enterprises

Mobile commerce can be somewhat daunting. There are security issues to consider when engaging in mobile payments and many companies are simply not prepared to handle the threats that exist in the digital world. Those that have managed to engage mobile consumers, however, have found significant success in their endeavors and this success has translated into higher revenues.

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