UK companies could be missing out because of their avoidance of mobile commerce

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Survey suggests that many companies could be missing opportunities by not engaging mobile consumers The results of a new survey conducted by OnePoll suggests that a large number of the small and medium sized enterprises in the United Kingdom could be losing out on a lot of money because they do not have a sufficient mobile presence. Many businesses have shown some interest in mobile commerce, but have not yet taken steps to engage mobile consumers in any significant way. As such, they are losing touch with a changing consumer…

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Mobile commerce adoption sluggish among SME retailers

Mobile Commerce

Report shows that SME retailers are slow to incorporate mobile commerce systems A new report from OnePoll, a survey-led market research company, shows that small market enterprise (SME) retailers are showing sluggish progress in their adoption of NFC-based mobile commerce services. Demand for mobile commerce has been growing amongst consumers, who have shown a great deal of interest in using their mobile devices to make purchases for goods and services. Mobile commerce is often considered to be a more convenient form of commerce, removing the need for physical currency and…

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