Mobile payments firm is rebranding itself to create distance from extremist group

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

Isis set to launch a rebrand in order to distance itself from controversial group in the Middle East

Mobile payments firm Isis is launching a rebrand to distance itself from an extremist group that has emerged in the Middle East. The group is now known as the Islamic State, but had previously called itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Searching for the terms “isis” online yields numerous reports concerning the actions of the extremist group as well as the website for the mobile payments firm.

New name and logo are expected to be unveiled in the weeks to come

The fact that the payments firm shares its name with the controversial group operating in the Middle East is purely coincidental, but the firm is eager to create distance between itself and a group whose name has become “synonymous with violence.” A new name and logo are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks, but little information concerning the rebranding effort are known beyond that.

Isis makes use of NFC technology to make mobile commerce possible

Isis Mobile Payment PlatformThe payment firm was formed as a collaboration among AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile. The Isis platform leverages NFC technology to make mobile payments possible from a smartphone or tablet. NFC technology has formed the backbone of mobile commerce for some time, but the technology itself has yet to become widely supported by businesses interested in the mobile field. As such, Isis has yet to become a very popular platform among consumers, falling behind its competitors Google and Square. Nonetheless, the platform’s popularity has been growing steadily.

Rebranding could be confusing to those that do not use the platform regularly

The payment firm has expressed its commitment to continue promoting mobile commerce, but may have to re-establish its momentum after its rebranding. Isis had spent several years promoting itself as a premier mobile commerce platform and many people have come to know the platform by its particular brand. Those that make use of the platform regularly will likely continue doing so without a second thought. The rebrand may cause some confusion among those that are not well aware of the platform already.

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