Wearable technology will see a considerable rise by 2016

smartwatch wearable technology

Recent Gartner research has predicted that in two years, 40 percent of wrist-worn devices will be smartwatches. Gartner, the respected market research firm, has now released a new report that has predicted that by the close of 2016, 40 percent of all devices worn on the wrist will come from the smartwatch category of wearable technology. This forecast comes as waves of companies have started to announce, unveil, or sell wearables of this nature. Two years ago, the wearable technology market saw only two companies that were actually selling smartwatches.…

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Smartwatches are huge: got yours yet?

smartwatch wearables technology

Consumers are all over wearable technology devices, which also include smart jewelry. As a tremendous number of different forms of wearable technology flood their way into the mobile devices scene, smartwatches and smart jewelry are becoming an enormous hit with consumers. In fact, while some are deciding if wearable technology is the next big tech category, others are asking about fashion. Until now, smartwatches and other mobile devices within the wearable technology category have been seen as rather ugly and clunky, so they have been considered only from the tech…

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Smartwatches are primarily based on Android

smartwatches wearable technology

The operating system has managed to grab an early dominance of the wearable technology market. Strategy Analytics has now released the results of its recent research which has shown that in terms of the global shipments of smartwatches that occurred throughout 2013, it was easily Android that took the dominant position for operating systems. In that year, there were a record almost 2 million units of this wearable technology that were shipped. Among those mobile devices, Android took hold of a massive 61 percent share of their operating systems. This…

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