Smartwatches are huge: got yours yet?

smartwatch wearables technology

Consumers are all over wearable technology devices, which also include smart jewelry.

As a tremendous number of different forms of wearable technology flood their way into the mobile devices scene, smartwatches and smart jewelry are becoming an enormous hit with consumers.

In fact, while some are deciding if wearable technology is the next big tech category, others are asking about fashion.

Until now, smartwatches and other mobile devices within the wearable technology category have been seen as rather ugly and clunky, so they have been considered only from the tech angle and the role that they will play in the gadgets marketplace. However, as wearables become more fashionable, many are starting to look at the impact that they are having in the jewelry and wristwatch industries, as well.

Smartwatches and smart jewelry have managed to cross the multi-industry barrier as other devices haven’t.

smartwatch wearable technologyThis was underscored in the recently published report called “Is Wearable Technology the Next Big Jewelry Category?”, by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC). Within their survey, they discovered that among the respondents, 72 percent were already aware of wearables, while 30 percent of them stated that they were already looking into smartwatches.

Moreover, the 53 percent of the respondents also suggested that they would be interested in learning more about an earring that would function with their smartphone in order to provide them with a microphone and listening device in the form of jewelry.

The study summarized in this report was conducted during the first two months of this year, and involved the participation of 520 American adults. Among them, 82 percent were female. Among these respondents, one of the major issues of concern was security. Forty four percent said that they would be interested in purchasing smart jewelry if it was equipped with secure technology, such as forms that would allow them to unlock their mobile devices, computers, cars, and even doors.

As smartwatches currently dominate the wearable technology category, many companies have recognized that this has opened up a whole new opportunity beyond wristwatches, and into smart jewelry. This, according to the report, aligns very well with what consumers appear to want.

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