Apple Watch breaks the wearables shipments record

Apple Watch Starts Selling Worldwide - First Smartwatch From App

The iPhone maker shipped 8 million of the smartwatches during the last quarter of 2017. New research released by Canalys reveals that the Apple Watch has easily broken the record for the largest number of units shipped in the wearable technology category. The iPhone maker sailed far beyond the previous record set by Fitbit by shipping 8 million smartwatches in the fourth quarter of 2017. The launch and popularity of the Apple Watch 3 is credited as a major contributor to the success. The Apple Watch has been heavily criticized…

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Wearable tech market predicted to grow by nearly 60 percent

wearable tech smartwatch

Hexa Research has forecasted that the category will experience massive growth between 2014 and 2020. The results of a new data analysis by Hexa Research have been released in the form of a report entitled “Wearable Technology Market”, and the prediction is that the wearable tech market will experience a 57.7 percent growth between 2014 and 2020. As of yet, the devices outside fitness trackers have struggled to gain mainstream acceptance. However, if Hexa Research is correct, wearable tech will become notably more commonplace in four years from now. This…

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69 percent of Americans aren’t interested in Apple Watch ownership

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This, according to the results of a wearable technology poll that was held and reported on by Reuters. Although the Apple Watch may be one of the biggest headlines to hit the wearable technology market, the vast majority of Americans aren’t actually interested in buying one, and a striking number haven’t even heard of it. This result of a Reuters/Ipsos poll could suggest that Apple’s smartwatch could be facing similar barriers to its rivals. The wearable technology market has seen a significant number of challenges as it attempts to gain…

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Smartwatch brings a handset and wearables together

smartwatch new wearable technology

This new .klatz device will allow phone calls and texts to be made, more comfortably. While the smartwatch has been slow to be adopted by consumers, many believe that this will pick up as awareness grows through the release of the Apple Watch next year. That said, there is one primary limitation that nearly all of the big players continue to experience. So far, the smartwatch has essentially been seen as an awkward accessory device that works in connection with a smartphone. This means that, when used on their own,…

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Wearable technology is highly desirable to 16 to 24 year olds

smartwatch wearable technology

Within that age group, a study has shown that 71 percent would like to own some form of wearables. A recent survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex has revealed that among consumers within the age group of 16 to 24 years of age, 71 percent would like to own some form of wearable technology device. This category was defined as anything from Google Glass to a smartwatch or a smartband gadget. The research indicated that among all of the survey participants which represent internet users from around the world, 64 percent had…

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